Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring, please! ... and a Freebie!

Alright ... it's March, Indianapolis. Pull it together! This past weekend was b-e-a-utiful! The temperature was perfect for walking the dogs and sitting on the patio.  Then it turned dreadful... snow, cold, blech.  Now it seems nice again.  I'm so ready for SPRING.  Not just glimpses of Spring either ... I'm talking the real deal.  I've been getting prepared and have even begun a few "springy" activities with my kiddos to get them all geared up! I have some brand spankin' new math centers in my store all ready for you to celebrate Spring.  OH, P.s. They are all aligned to the Common Core!  This should help you with your planning as you count down the days prepare to go on Spring Break!
I introduced some of the centers this week because we've been learning about Spring! Check them out in action.

And today was Math Fact Day, so they got to do the Math Fact Color By Numbers.. which they LOVE!  Put some pointy crayons in these kids' hands and they will work for hours! :)
I thought I would give you a little freebie to try in your room.  Click below to download one of the math fact color by number pages.  It has addition and subtraction facts.
We've also begun a science unit on Weather!  We're using Miss Decarbo's Weather Unit for Kids! It is AWESOME! We started by discussing what we know about each season ... pairing it with some Brainpop videos!  Next week -- lots of fun cloud stuff!
That's it for me today! Keep your fingers crossed for spring, friends!

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  1. DITTO on needing spring!!! We just got hit with another 4 inches of that white fluffy stuff...
    Thanks for the Freebie!