Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hall Pass, Please and some Giveaways!

Friends, YAY! I'm finally linking up with Reagan over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits for my HALLLLLL PASSSS! I don't know why I didn't do this sooner! Who doesn't love a hall pass?
Here's what you share!
Let's begin, shall we? 
This one was hard you guys! I've recently been cranking out some products that I really REALLY love.  I'm kind of in love with my new Money Monsters pack and enjoy using it with the kiddos.  But I think I'll share a product that's making a serious difference with my struggling readers.  You see, I had some second grade friends this year who needed to take it back to the basics.  When I couldn't find anything that would fit their particular needs and not make them feel like they're doing Kindergarten work (though it would be great for Kinders and Firsties too!), I made THIS!

We worked through Mystery Pictures, Word Family Sorts, and Real/Nonsense words.
They loved it, they learned, and they were able to get ready for the next level! :)
As a first year teacher who is completely broke has limited funds... Setting up my classroom wasn't everything I'd ever hoped and dreamed it would be.  I'm excited to do some reorganizing and redecorating this year! What I love about my classroom is that it's organized and functional.  I try not to keep too, too much stuff on the walls because I feel cluttered easily.  I do enjoy our carpet/library area.  While I wish I could have two separate spaces for the library and our meeting place, my room is fairly small.

I also like the area behind my teacher desk, it keeps me organized! Nothing fancy, just some Monday thru Friday bins, but having everything I need for the week in one place has helped tremendously! Those bins are from Target's Dollar Spot.  I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for more this summer.  I'm hoping for some different colors!
Sorry for the poor picture quality on these!
I wish I did something extraordinary for a signal.  I typically go with the good ol' "Class Class ... Yes Yes" from WBT.  I will often whisper "If you can hear my voice...." followed by some sort of command. 
If it gets to loud in our  little old room, I have a little xylophone that I play.  They know (pretty well) that if they hear the xylophone they need to lower their voices before I flip out ;)
I've gotten some good ideas from this Hall Pass Linky for some signals I'd like to try out! :)
Knowing I get to come home to these babies really helps me make it through any challenging day! Don't you love Burt's tennis shoes?! hah!!!
You know what else helps me maintain sanity? Chocolate. 
Well friends, times up on my Hall Pass! It was super fun! If you haven't linked up yet, *click here* to share with us!
Can't leave here today without telling you about a great giveaway my bloggy friend Ashley is throwing over at That's So Second Grade! Click the picture below to check out what you can win -- including my Word Work Choice Pack!  Help Ashley celebrate 300 followers :)
Also, while you're busy entering into giveaways -- be sure to check out this HUGE giveaways Alyssha from Teaching and Tapas is holding!  She's giving away five different bundles for varying grade levels! There are over 100 products up for grabs! Click the image below to Enter the second grade giveaway to win my Measurement Monsters pack! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

We haaaaave some winners! :)

Hey friends, as promised... I used a Random Number Generator to determine my winners! It picked Comments 7 and 16! Congrats to Special Teacher for Special Kids and Mrs. Phillips! I will be emailing you both my Measurement Monsters and Money Monsters packs... Enjoy!
For those who didn't win -- you can still pick up both packs at my store! Click the pictures to find out more.  I will have Money Monsters marked down through Saturday! :)
P.s. It's rain/snow/sleet/ice-ing over here in Indianapolis! Two hour delay tomorrow? Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monster fun, Giveaway, AND a freebie!

Hey there sweet friends! Told you I'd be back sooner rather than later! I am so excited to show you a new product of mine that we will be busy busy busy using in my classroom! I will keep you updated with pictures as we just started today!  Before that, can we just talk about a craze that I'm totally into and L-O-V-I-N-G?  Monsters! I don't know what it is about these friendly looking monsters that have me going gaga (and my kids, too!) but I just can't get enough! Maybe it has something to do with these guys ...

Anyway... In July I created this bad boy for measurement...

And since then I've had TONS of requests to make more resources using monsters.  It seems this is a theme that the boys can get on board with.  So this weekend, I worked pretty hard to crank out my new set of centers/activities.  Now we just took our pre-tests for money... and friends, they were NOT pretty! So what better way to use these monsters than in..... Money Monsters! 

(Click the picture to take a better look at my store!)
As usual, I created this pack with 2nd grade common core standards in mind, but think it would really well in any first or second grade classroom as well!  It is full of coin counting fun.  I've also included some problems for dollar bills to align with Common Core. (P.s. Common Core is HARD!)
You get a lot of resources in this pack, including:
- Printable Coins for use as Manipulatives
- 6 Posters with Poems for Identification and Value
- 4 Sorting Mats for Coin Exploration
- Monster Muchies - Coin Value Matching Game
- 1 Board Game for Coin ID and Counting
- A Coin Identification/Value Flapbook Template
- Value of a Name Craftivity
- Name Values Graphing Activity
- How much is my word worth? Math and Literacy Center
- 2 versions of Coin Counting/Values Bingo
- Word Problems for Up to and Over $1.00
- I Have Who Has for Up to and Over $1.00
- 2 Assessments
Here's a little preview of the *adorable* monster fun!
I just love the little monsters... I got them from Krista Wallden.  Her graphics are amazing! :)
Here's my favorite part! Time to give some away!
On Thursday, I will be randomly choosing *TWO* people to win Money Monsters AND Measurement Monsters so you can have a downright, good old, monster of a time! :)
You can enter two ways... do both to increase your chances!
1) Leave a blog post comment about your favorite "theme" to teach with! (I love monsters and camping!)
2) Spread the word about Money Monsters (blog, facebook, pin) and leave a comment showing where you spread your social media love! :) 
 Last but certainly not least... a freebie! :)
Not everyone wins a giveaway, so I wanted to be sure that all of you lovelies who took their time to read this post got something!  Click below to pick up a portion of Money Monsters for free!  I have included two assessments to use during or after your Money Unit!
That's it for me tonight! Time to grab some dinner then snuggle up in my blanket! Is it just Indiana where it's absolutely-gorgeous-take-the-dogs-on-a-walk-beautiful one day then FREEZING cold and snowing the next? Ugh! At least I will have some good shows to watch tonight! New Girl, anyone?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Long Time...

Hey there friends, sorry it's been a while since my last visit.  I have been a terrible blogger/TPT'er as of late.  Does anyone else get into a mode where they just have no motivation?  That's where I had been hiding for the last few weeks!  I finally came out of my hibernation and have begun a product I'm very excited about!  SO, I promise to come back soon with LOTS of pictures for
Just want to test drive it with my kiddos before I come back and give some away to you lovelies! I have a Measurement unit that uses cute little monsters and my kids (boys  and girls!) absolutely *LOVE* the sweet little creatures.  I knew I had to use them again!
P.S.  How awesome is it that today is NOT the last day of the weekend?  HOLLA! :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's that time of year again! [freebie]

Friends, I come to you with a confession.  I have a problem.  A girl scout cookie problem. 
*DROOL* Samoas.  These are my favorites, though I certainly don't discriminate.  I'll take any Thin Mint or Tagalong you offer me, too!  Now - Before, I would have to stalk neighborhood children during Girl Scout season, but now I've got a whole flock of them in my very own classroom.  This lead to a dilemma -- See facebook status below...
Does anyone else find theirselves in the position of eating triple the serving size.. or *GASP* a whole sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting?! EEK! What's your favorite kind of Girl Scout Cookie?
I suppose I should mention something educational, you know, on this educational blog of mine!  I was a proud momma last week.  The proud momma of 27 second graders.  We took our Post-Test over Geometry and 100% of my babies scored 80% or above!  I was SO thrilled! We worked *HARD* all the way through this geometry pack...

...and my babies did amazing!  Click any of the pictures above to check out the Geometry Unit in my TPT store!  Click the picture below to snag a freebie from the pack to practice 3-D shape Naming/Recognition! :)
Alright, that's it for me! Happy Girl Scout Cookie Eating! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Currently and Sale Day! Oh yeah, and the Super Bowl...

Hey friends! Happy Sunday! If you are like me, then you're still in your pajamas putting off your lesson planning! :) 
I don't know about you, but for me, there's something special about the beginning of a new month.  I'm always amazing at how quickly the last month has gone and pumped up for what's to come! So happy to kick off February with Farley by participating in the February Currently!  :)
Well there ya have it! :) You should go link up and share your own February Currently!
I mentioned how much I'm loving TPT's Sale going on! I have spent so much money, I can only hope to make it back in my own store haha.  Click below to check out my items (for 28% off) and to browse some other amazing stores that are for sale! :)
Last but not least (well, kinda least...) Enjoy the super bowl today! I'm in no way invested in either of these teams, so I'm just hoping for a good action-packed game! :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Woohoo, Time for SHOPPING!

Though my sweet Colts, will not be playing in the Superbowl this year, never fear, there is still something to celebrate! Whether you are rooting for the Ravens or the 49'ers, you can still win this weekend! TPT is throwing a huge SALE and I'm participating! On Sunday, February 3rd,  I will take 20% off the price of ALL items in my store.  By using TPT's Promo code, you can save even MORE, for a complete savings of 28%  Click the graphic below, made by the fabulous Lindsey at Primary Polka Dots to check out my store!
For a better look at some of the items that will be for sale in my store, click around below! I know I will be stocking up on TONS of Valentine's Day things as well center activities for the remainder of the year! I Can't WAIT!