Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five for Friday (oops, Saturday!) + Freebies!

Hey friends.  Confession.  I suck at blogging every moment of every day except for Saturday morning. My blogging productivity is at it's highest after a good night's rest. So I bring to you my Five (10-ish) for Friday... a day late but {hopefully} not a dollar short!
 1. All About Fall!  We spent the last few weeks working through my new(ish) Fall Math Stations
It was time to hang up some new student work on my WoW Work board, so I figured we should spruce up the room for Fall a little! Let your kiddos do the decorating!  I whipped up this fun activity and let the kiddos make a Bonds of 6 Pumpkin Patch!  Of course this would work with any addition math facts.  Click below to pick it up for FREE! :)
Click here for your own copy!

We've been enjoying our own Fall Decorations at the Kelly house!  Now that we've lived here for a year and have really settled in... it's been fun decorating for the season! :)
2. Pumpkin FUN!  We worked our way this week through Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten's AWESOME Pumpkin pack.  Best part?  It's free! You have got to check it out -- my kids puffy heart LOVED it all!
Click below to snag your own copy!
Pumpkin Mini-Unit FREEBIE!

3. Making Predictions.  The last few weeks, we've been making predictions something fierce!  I made this anchor chart to help my kiddos remember what to do before, during, and after reading.  A coworker of mine had the brilliant idea of putting step-by-step pictures to support students along the way!  We took pics of the kids performing each step as a visual reminder of what to do!
4.  We just wrapped up our current math unit on Numbers 0-10.  Preeeetttttty sure my kids are pros now!  It's so amazing how much they've grown!  While working through this math unit, I created a resource to help my kiddos really grasp all the skills.  Check out the previews below and click to learn more! :)
5.  This boy has been especially lazy this week and with the cooler fall weather, he's looking for places to get comfy cozy!  Love my pups... but it's a rare occasion that you'll see this one sitting still so I had to capture these precious moments.  For those who have been following me for a while -- this is Brody -- my little escape dog!  Remember when he was gone for four days and I was devastated?  Absolutely love this little guy!!
OH.  P.S...... IT'S FALL BREAK!!!! I'm going to miss my littles, but I'm looking forward to this two weeks off and they could really use it! :)
Oh and... don't forget... this ends TODAY! Tell your 2nd grade teacher friends!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weee... It's October!!!

Linking up with the fabulous Farley for this month's Currently!
Oh, and 2nd Grade Teachers... have you heard?! :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Fun and a Freebie!

Confession: I l-o-v-e the beginning of fall.  I say the beginning because in Indiana, we don't get much of this perfect temperature.  We get a few weeks of "fall" before it starts feeling like Winter.  So I've been fall-icizing everything -- home and school!
The kids are LOVING their new fall themed math centers! It's all about the apples, pumpkins, and earth tones people! :)
We used the cute trees from Krista Wallden to practice using dice and counting!  I try to add fine motor practice into my stations each week.  Clothespins are a cheap and easy way to get those kiddos developing their fine motor skills! :)
Kids pick an apple card, count them up, match them to a barrel then color them in on their apple tens frames!
 Kids pick a card and count to fill in the missing number! Great for counting on!
Oh man! This was my kids' first go at a Roll and Cover type game.  They ate it RIGHT up!  Of course the adorable fall graphics and oversized dice helped! 
 You can pick these math stations (and a few more!) up in my TPT store! Just click the image below!
And of course, celebrating this beautiful season doesn't end in math!  Here's a little freebie to practice matching Capital and Lowercase letters.  Get your kids up and moving with a little "mingle" game.  Give them each a card and have them spread out in the room.  Play some music and let them look for the person who finishes their match!  Then they can link arms and head over to a common place. Of course, you don't have 52 students (I hope!) so you'll have to break it apart into a couple games to get through all the letters!  I like to have mine stand on their letter on our carpet! :) Click the image to pick up your freebie!
P.S. Do you have these pens?  They are A-MAZING!  I'm in love.