Sunday, September 13, 2015

Apple FUN!

Pulled this post from last year, but I have since added some Science and Social Studies to our apple unit, so I wanted to be sure to share the updates with you all!

Love these books for apple week!  

See what kinds of items Annie can make with the apples she picks!

An apple and worm as best friends?  This cute little book is great for community building!

 LOVE counting with this book! 

Learn all about how apples grow. 

We watch videos a LOT in my classroom.  The kids love connecting with technology and videos also serve as a nice little break from the day.  Check out these fun apple videos! 

And here's a peek at some of the stations and activities we'll be working on!

Students will explore and label the parts of an apple.

We will read about Johnny Appleseed and respond to our reading.

Students will graph about their favorite kind of apple and their favorite way to eat an apple! 

We will learn a poem and work on it during literacy stations throughout the week! 

LOVE this cute little poem craft using a gummy worm, paper plate, and paint!

Lots of Apple Station fun! 

All of these activities can be found in my Apples Integrated Unit! Click the image below to check it out!


Here's a freebie printable from the pack to use in your classroom! 

Color Crazy

In Kindergarten, we start each school year learning about a color every week.  You never know what you're going to get with your new batch of kinders in terms of number sense or letter recognition, but almost all of them know their colors.  We take advantage of that by introducing them to some kindergarten skills (writing, spelling, coloring, cutting, pasting, etc.) using those colors that they come in knowing! 

LOVE using songs in Kinder... especially at the beginning of the year to get those sweet littles out of their shell a little.  Here are some good color videos on youtube. 

(Frog Street Press has a song like this for every color!)

Show a little spirit by having your kiddos wear the color of the week on Friday.  If they don't have it, no worries.... make these color crowns that they can sport! :) Isn't my sweet baby an excellent model?

We do an interactive reader where they can practice concepts of print, beginning sight words, tracing the letters of their color words, and coloring neatly. 

We do a fun little tracing and torn paper craft.  This is great for practicing gluing skills and is excellent fine motor practice.  These make a cute little bulletin board display as well! 

We do a cute little pocket book sort.  I couldn't find the picture I took of this, so you'll have to settle for this little digital version! 
We learn a poem together and then they practice it and respond to it throughout the week during their literacy stations. 

And we complete some printables for a little extra practice! 

We love working on colors during our station time, too! 

And we read plenty of books about colors.  These are some of my favorites! :) 

You can pick up all the activities mentioned above in my store.  Just click the images below to check them out! :) 

Colors           Colors