Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Quick Little [I've been so productive] Giveaway

Oh Spring Break... I LOVE YOU!!!!!  Though I admit I haven't left my couch all that much, I've been SO productive from this cushy little spot.  My favorite little project has been updating one of my best sellers and favorite products.  It's so funny how trends change and how a product I made in 2012 was starting to make me cringe.  I had TOO much fun updating the clipart and fonts.  And once I got started, I couldn't stop... I added TONS of activities to this pack to make it work even better in your (and my!) classrooms! So, with no further ado, I bring to you -- My new and fresh Short Vowels CVC bundle!

This bundle is JAM PACKED with CVC activities for each of the 5 vowels.
Here's what you get for each Vowel!
I'd like to give two of these away... SUPER EASY to enter.  All you have to do is pin the Freebie associated with this bundle.  My SHORT I pack that is included in this bundle is a forever freebie.  Pin it and leave me the link to your pin to enter!  Also include your email (for if you are the lucky winner!) Click the image below to get the link and start pinning! :) I will choose 2 winners on Thursday!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Cleaning doesn't HAVE to be awful!

I do hope the end of March has brought you lovely Spring weather.  Indiana is still cold and dreary.  And though we're stuck in this longest-winter-ever-when-will-it-ever-end funk, the calendar says IT'S SPRING! So I'm ready to celebrate my favorite season ever.  I've got plenty of spring cleaning to do around the house, but this type of Spring Cleaning seems WAY more fun! I'm cleaning out my TPT wish list... you can too!
My store will be on sale Friday through Sunday.  No need for a coupon code, just head on over and shop away!  I'm so excited to stock up on some end of the year goodies... AND start prepping for next year! With nearly a year of kinder under my belt, I have a better idea of what I'll be needing for next year and can't wait to stock up! :) Click the image below to head on over to my store!
Some other fabulous bloggers will have their stores on sale as well... Check them out below and ENJOY YOUR SPRING CLEANING! :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

EGGciting Things to do With Plastic Easter Eggs!

Friends -- Easter is coming! Okay, I know it's a little ways off but I LOVE Easter... it's one of my very favorite holidays so I look forward to some egg, chick, rabbit FUN in Kinder!  We all know how awesome those cheap-o plastic easter eggs are for the classroom.  Thought I'd show you some of the ways I plan on using them in my classroom.  I made a little freebie that I'm so excited to share! For each of these Easter Egg ideas, I made a recording sheet.  Click the image below to grab this freebie and start planning your Easter Egg Stations! :)
And here's a peek at the activities I plan on using and sharing with you all! :)
I hope you are able to use these activities and enjoy the freebie!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our St. Patrick's... Week.

It was quite a week in Mrs. Kelly's Klass.  We celebrated St. Patrick's Day all week long AND it was the super long and drawn out week before Spring Break.  Can anyone explain the real reason WHY that week takes 10 times longer than other weeks?! Sheesh!
Anywho, thought I'd stop by and share some of our fun from St. Patrick's Day with you in case you're looking for some ideas for next year.  My kiddos had a lot of fun during stations and really seemed to enjoy these activities.
I have this giant black pot that doubles as a witches cauldron in October.  These kids LOVED this station.  They reached in the pot and had to fish through some St. Patrick's Day Garland (for a little sensory experience).  Found the Garland for 99 cents a strand at Party City!
 When they reached to the bottom, they had to fish out these little pieces of Gold!  Each piece of gold had a math fact on them (we're working on adding with 0, 1, and 2).  You could put anything on them though -- sight words, CVC words, ten frames, etc.  If they got the answer right and the rest of the group approved... they got to keep that gold.  Kids LOVED it!!!
Then we used this freebie recording sheet from United Teaching to work on teen numbers! As a little extra something, I threw some little St. Patrick's Day erasers and Ten Frames into this station so they could manipulate and build the numbers.  They LOVE working with erasers.  A pack of 100 or so cutie little erasers was $4 at Party City.  
My kids L-O-V-E using magnifying glasses.  I picked up these adorable I-Spy printables from A Teachable Teacher.  They use magnifying glasses to search for tiny little CVC words hidden in the pictures.  You HAVE to pick this freebie up!
Played a fun (free) sight word shamrock game from Julie Van Alst.  It was differentiated to include 3 separate lists of words.  Go pick up your copy for next year!
Not sure where the recording sheet for this one came from -- just something one of my coworkers had in her file.  But oh my gosh y'all... graphing Lucky Charms was a HUGE hit!!! Found the cute little shamrock cups at Party City (they should pay me for this post!) and scooped out some lucky charms for each kiddo.  One box of Lucky Charms was plenty for my class of 23.  Then we graphed away and ate them all up! :)  I myself had a few too many handfuls! Love those crunchy marshmallows.
There ya have it! I know it's too late for you to use these ideas this year... but feel free to pin/save/pick up some freebies for next year!  It was a very successful week for my kiddos and they had a lot of good, old-fashioned, kinder F-U-N! 

Monday, February 10, 2014


Friends.  Wow.  I'm floored.  I just recently reached a wonderful milestone with Teachers Pay Teachers and I couldn't be more thrilled.  TPT has brought so much to my life.  Along with extra income that has REALLY helped my little family in the past few years, I've also learned SO much!  I've "met" some amazingly fabulous bloggers along the way... some who I consider to be *famous* teachers who I so look up to!  I've been forced to stretch my thinking and when my brainpower wasn't enough, I've found countless resources to help me become a better teacher for my kids.  I'm definitely celebrating. 
My favorite thing to create on TPT is Math Stations, so I've put all of my math products on Sale from now until February 12!  I hope you can find something you can use and save a bit! :)
Lastly, I want to thank you so much for sticking with me and reading my silly old blog.  I'm still amazed that people are interested in what I'm doing as a teacher!  <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day is ... NEXT WEEK? [freebie!]

I admit, I don't care for Valentine's Day.  I'm not the mushy gushy type and my husband and I prefer to spend money on experiences rather than "gifts".  Plus... he's almost always gone at a school (Army) during Valentine's Day.  No different this year, he's leaving this week for a 3.5 month school.  So I will be spending Valentine's Day with some sappy chick flicks and something made of chocolate... I'm not going to commit to anything particular quite yet :)
Though I don't do Valentine's Day personally, I'm thrilled for my first Kindergarten V-day!!!  I've been scouring Pinterest for fun ideas and treats!  I love celebrating these special "days" throughout the year, but with all the time off we've had from snow days (on one right now, actually!)  I don't want to sacrifice the academics.  So I spent the last few days whipping up these Valentine's Day Math and Literacy Stations!
I like to make my station time very academically meaningful, so this set hits lots of skills!  Number order, Decomposing Teen Numbers, Adding up to 5, Partners of 10, Short Vowels, Decoding CVC words, and Concept Writing.  Whew, we're going to have a jam-packed day!
We'll rotate through these activities all day Friday and sprinkle in some snacking and crafting as well!
Saw this cutie little treat on Pinterest and since I looooove gummy bears, I'm thinking about a variation of this!
Valentine Treat Toppers Image
Well, I'm back to the laziness relaxation of my little mid-week snow day.  Here's a quick freebie for you from my Valentine's Day Pack! Hope you can use it! Be sure to check out the whole pack at my store.  It's 70 pages of Valentine's Day fun!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Partners of 10 Fun!

Friends... so sorry for my looooooooooooooong absence.  I do have an excuse, but I won't waste precious blogging time with it!  I'm back for a quick post on Partners of 10! 
Indiana has been hit pretty hard this Winter, so we've been super busy trying to squeeze in as much as we can with limited time!  Our math focus this week was narrowed to focus primarily on Bonds/Partners of 10!
First off, If you haven't introduced your kiddos to the Partners of 10 Rainbow... what are you waiting for?!??  This is SUCH an awesome visual reminder of all the different ways to make 10!
I forgot to take a picture of my chart, but we made one very similar to Teri's from A Cupcake for the Teacher.  Then we used her adorable freebie to reinforce the skill the next day!  Click the freebie below to head over to her blog and pick it up!
The next day, we got busy using a Ten Frame to show our Partner's of 10.  Not sure who had the original idea to make a GIANT ten frame for the kids to stand in... but THANK YOU (if it was your idea, please claim it so I can link to you!)  The kids LOVED this activity and it was such an engaging way for them to reinforce this skill! 
I made a ten frame out of masking tape on the floor (sorry, nothing fancy) and called a few kids up by name to come stand in the 10 frame. 

We discussed how many spaces were filled, then we counted how many spaces were empty.
Then, I matched their tens frame up on a teaching chart.  I just drew a large ten frame and used post-it notes to fill in the boxes.  I did this so that when the kids sat back down to record their answers, they would still have a visual of the ten frame.
Students used the visual to shade in a ten frame and write the Partner of 10 equation that matched.  I got this recording sheet from the fabulous Printable Princess.  It is part of her free winter pack and worked amazingly with this activity. Head to her store to pick up the freebie and be sure to Go Follow Her on Facebook!
So there you have it! It's nice to be back in blogging world.  I hope to be back soon! :)