Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Motivating Reluctant Readers

It's mid September and schools around here are finally getting out of their beginning of the year craziness and settling into a routine.  You may be noticing who your high fliers are and who needs a little kick out of the nest.  When it comes to reading, it's a mixed bag.  Every year you get some kids who absolutely love reading and some kids who require bribery a little motivation. There are tons of ways to get these kids excited about reading -- book clubs, reading incentives, sticker charts, I'm sure you've tried countless ways.  Today, let's talk about the goodies. 

So many little goodies that I like to use to trick the kids into reading get kids excited about reading!  I rotate these in and out of my Read to Self station! 

Use toy cards to have kids track while they're reading. 

 Let them choose  a stuffed animal for a reading buddy.  They will practice fluency by reading to their friend! 

 I got these amazing googly eyes at Michaels.  They are great for tracking and keeping their "eyes" on each word! 

You're going to need a plethora of pointers.  As you can see, I'm quite partial to star shaped pointers.  My kids also loved using silly straws and flyswatters to point to words and pictures as they read!

Magnifying glasses are fun for reluctant readers.  You could challenge them to find certain letters or words using their magnifying glasses!

 SO FUN!  Love these little witchy fingers.  Throw in some fluency practice by telling your kiddos to read with their best witch voice!

Give them something to read into like a fake microphone or phonics phones!

Tell the kids to put on their "reading glasses" and give them some goofy cartoon glasses or giant sunglasses to wear. 

Motivate them by giving them a special place to read like a reading chair, reading rug, or... *GASP* your TEACHER CHAIR!

What kind of goodies do you use in your classroom to get those reluctant readers excited about reading time? 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Transportation Math and Literacy FUN!

We're prepping for our Transportation Themed week in Kinder!  I'd love to show you some books and videos for a Transportation theme as well as some engaging stations and activities all designed around transportation!

Here are some great Transportation Read Alouds! 

Donald Crews has a whole line of simple transportation books like this one!

A classic.  The kids will love chanting "I think I can I think I can"

 This repetitive text is perfect for kinder kiddos! Read aloud then put it in a station for the kids to read with partners.  They LOVE it!

 This is a board book but who doesn't love Mo Willems and this little pigeon?!?
A fun book of sounds and lots of different kinds of transportation!

Love a good transportation video for a brain break! 

Check out some of the fun stations and activities we'll be completing around the Transportation Theme!  You can pick them up in my store by clicking the image below! 

I-Spy!  Kids use magnifying glasses to search for hidden CVC pictures! They record the words. 

 Write the room!  Students search for words hidden around the room and record them under the correct word family. 
 Choo Choo Beginning sounds!  Students look at the picture on the engine of the train and recording the missing beginning sound. 
 Ship Shape Spin.  Students use a pencil and paper cip to spin a shape.  They trace and color the shape on their recording sheet and keep going until one of the shapes reaches the top. 
 Deep Blue Counting.  Students choose a submarine card and count or use a number line to fill in the missing number (0-20)
 Counting/Skip Counting puzzles.  The kids LOVE putting the numbers in order to create some kind of transportation with these puzzles! 

Poem.  We read and discuss the poem whole group and they also practice reading and complete a recording sheet during stations. 
You can grab all of these activities and more in my store! :)
Just Click HERE! :)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

APPLE Math, Literacy, and FUN! {freebie}

L-O-V-E using themes to teach in Kinder and apple week is a fan favorite for the littles. I wanted to stop by and share with you some of the books we'll be reading, videos we'll be watching, and some fun stations for Apple Week!

Love these books for apple week!  

See what kinds of items Annie can make with the apples she picks!

An apple and worm as best friends?  This cute little book is great for community building!

 LOVE counting with this book! 

Learn all about how apples grow. 

We watch videos a LOT in my classroom.  The kids love connecting with technology and videos also serve as a nice little break from the day.  Check out these fun apple videos! 

And here's a peek at some of the stations and activities we'll be working on!

All of these activities can be found in my Apples Math and Literacy pack!  Click any of the images below to check it out! 

Here's a freebie printable from the pack to use in your classroom! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fun with Community Helpers + Freebie!

I love teaching about Community Helpers in kinder.  It gets them thinking outside of themselves about how different people all around them are working to help others.  I also love how excited the kids get about the future -- a lot of aspiring police officers, firefighters, and [of course] teachers <3 

Here are a few really great books for teaching and learning about community helpers. 

Join Mrs. Madoff's class as families come in to share about their careers!

A rather silly book about far-fetched jobs Billy would like when he's older. 

Take a look at the tools different professions use and have your kiddos guess the job based on the tools!

Another fun guessing game book. Students will use the clothing clues to identify different jobs of community helpers!  My kiddos absolutely LOVE this book. 

There's a whole series of these books featuring all sorts of different jobs.  My kids love learning about the day-to-day of different professions.  Great for learning about exactly what each community helper does in their neighborhoods! 

Here are some fun videos we watch during our Community Helpers unit! 

We always incorporate our theme of the week into centers.  Let me tell you -- the kids LOVE these themed activities.  Check them out! 


All of these activities can be found in my Community Helper Math and Literacy Activities set! Click any of the images below to check it out. 

And here's a FREEBIE printable from the unit! :)