Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Christmas in July - Freebies, Sale, and a Giveaway!

You guys.  I love Christmas.  Like, I live and breathe Christmas.  YES, I'm one of those people who starts decorating in November and I just might indulge myself in a Christmas movie or 12 in July.  So I'm super excited to be joining with my I Teach K-2 friends to bring you a Christmas in July celebration! :)  Hop around the links at the bottom of this post to grab freebies, shop our sales, and be sure to enter to win one of the awesome raffle prizes! 

I don't know about you, but for me - June is all about relaxation, and July is when I start preparing for the next school year.  I wanted to take some time to share with you some activities and freebies to use in your classroom at the beginning of the year!  

We know that our Kinder kids come to us at the beginning of the year at crazy different places, but I have found that one area in which they all have SOME experience - is colors!  I like to use that to my advantage in those hectic first few weeks of school.  Click here to read about using colors to introduce literacy and fine motor skills!  Click the image below to grab my color red print and go pack for FREE to try in your classroom!  If you and your kiddos love it, you can view the big bundle here

Here are some more freebies to help you get your year started off on the right foot! Click the images to download. 

Let me help you prepare for the year with a sale! My whole store (even yearlong bundles) will be 20% off from July 6-9.  Be sure to grab these items now at a savings to get them prepped for the school year!  

Here are some of my favorite items that will help you start your year well! 

And don't forget to enter the giveaway below for the chance to win some really awesome prizes! I can hear the flair pens and straw tumblers calling from Amazon and Target ;)

Click around below to grab all sorts of K-2 freebies and fun! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Fever (lots of freebies!)

I hope the weather has been as lovely in your neck of the woods as it has in mine!  The sunshine is definitely working to chase away my winter blues!  Wanted to share a few resources and freebies for Spring! 

I just whipped up this Scrambled Sentence station.  My kids LOVE Scrambled Sentences because they play like a game, but they are PACKED with K-1 skills.  When they are themed, they hit on content.  Then there's capitalization, punctuation, fluency, comprehension, decoding, sight words.... all rolled into one easy prep activity! YES, PLEASE! 

You can grab the spring set for free! 

If your kids love Scrambled Sentences as much as mine, you might check out the bundle! 

We usually cover Weather in March or April.  I combine weather with seasons and clouds!  Kids do lots of observing and they love being able to apply their learning to the world outside those classroom walls.  I haven't snapped any pictures yet, but here are the many activities in our weather unit

There are tons of awesome songs and videos to use with your weather unit.  You can grab a FREE list with youtube links by clicking the image below! 

Easter is right around the corner.  It is so early this year, which makes March a really packed month.  I know we have all discovered the joy of the cheap plastic Easter eggs and the magic powers they have to make kids extra engaged in the same stuff we've been doing all year ;)  If you need some recording sheets to go along with your Easter Egg activities you can grab this freebie! 


These are the activities the recording sheets go with: 


I also whipped up some Free Literacy Activities for your Easter Celebrations. 

And once Easter and Spring Break have come along, it won't be long before Earth Day!  I really think it's important for kids to learn how to take care of things.  Especially in Kinder and First, we are constantly trying to help them understand the importance of taking care of our classroom... that translates out into the world as well!  Here are some activities we do for Earth Day (week)! 

You can grab them here

Alright! Sorry for the choppiness today! So much to do in Spring and so little time! ;)  And that doesn't even include plants and insects! Phew! 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

February Fun and Freebies!

Here's a peek into our February Activities and Units! Be sure to look through for freebies! 

My kids LOVE learning about Ruby Bridges, because she was their age when her story unfolded.  

Here are a few videos.  First is a read-aloud of The Story of Ruby Bridges. 

Next is an interview with Ruby Bridges as an adult.  The quality is a little poor, but the questions and responses are great. 

Here are some activities we do while learning about Ruby Bridges! 

First we read about Ruby Bridges with this non-fiction teacher read-aloud and an emergent reader for the kids. 
 After learning about Ruby, we complete these activities! 

You can find all of these activities and more by clicking this picture! 

If you didn't cover MLK in January, you can learn about him in February.  Here are some of the activities we enjoy! 

These activities can be found by clicking the image below. 

Grab these freebies for Goundhog Day! 

This one has 3 cute literacy activities that work for whole group or small group!

Click the image below to grab them! 
Groundhog Day

This one from Eberhart's Explorers has lots of great activities that I like to use whole group!

Click the image below to grab them!
Groundhog Day: A Mini Unit
I give glowsticks for Valentine's Day because, #1... the kids LOVE them, #2... They are CHEAP at the Dollar Tree, and #3... It's a nice change from candy and I have had allergies in the past. 

Grab these cute little tags from The Teacher Wife by Clicking Here!

We make these sweet and simple Valentine's bags from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten

For parent gifts, we make adorable torn paper mosaics like this. SO easy! Just grab some different colors of paper and set your kiddos loose! They will tear off small pieces and glue them into the heart. Perfect for fine motor and independent... win-win!

Grab one of the templates to make your own by clicking HERE!! 

And of course I love any excuse to use candy conversation hearts around valentine's day! These pattern mats from my friend Michelle are perfect for an independent station! Click the picture to download and leave her some feedback on TPT as she is just beginning her store! :) 

Valentine week is important to me for another HUGE reason!  If you've been following my story for long, then you know my daughter is kinda sorta a major miracle baby!  She was born with a condition called HLHS, which is essentially half a heart.  She has since had 3 open heart surgeries, 3 cardiac arrests, 10 long months in the ICU, two runs on complete life support through ECMO, and a heart transplant.  She is now 18 months old and doing well, all things considered.  The week of February 7 - February 14 is CHD Awareness week!  CHD stands for Congenital Heart Defect and 1 in 100 babies is born with some form of CHD.  Learn more here! 

Here is my miracle baby last year when she was very sick and now-ish! 

I made this fun Valentine's Day freebie in honor of my daughter and it includes a page to spread CHD awareness!  Grab it up and tell someone you know about CHD! 

Get this freebie by clicking below!
Valentine's Day

This will be a fun experiment for students to see the effects of a cavity. Grabbed this idea from Fun Fabulous First.  Just poke a hole in the apple to signify a cavity and give it some time to start decomposing.  Re-assess the apple at the end of the week and discuss what happened over time with the cavity. 

I whipped up a quick little sheet for students to use to record their observations. Grab it below! 

Love this idea from The Moffatt Girls! Great hands on practice at flossing!

We learn about what helps teeth stay healthy and what causes harm, then complete this sort and the kids search through magazines and grocery ads to cut/paste onto their own templates.

We read several dental health books, and then the kids get their own mini reader!

We learn this poem then create the writing craftivity.  It's perfect for a hallway display!

The tooth fairy sends out an ad looking for assistants and the kids apply for the job, then complete a math task that she leaves! They search the room for teeth pics numbered 1-50 and put them in order on ten frames!

Ending Digraph Sort

CVC Write and Wipe.  For added fun, throw some dollar tree toothbrushes in to erase the dry erase marker writing from the teeth! 

Use marshmallows or white dry beans for a subtraction manipulative! 

Kids race to fill their mouth with marshmallow teeth in this comparing numbers game! They each draw a number, compare the values, and the person with the higher value gets to put one of their teeth on the mouth template!  Then they get to eat their marshmallows at the end. SO FUN! 

You can grab all these activities by clicking the picture below! 

That wraps things up for our February.  We also spend a couple of days for Presidents Day.  So much to do in February... tough to fit it all in!  Hope you all have a great month!