Monday, October 29, 2012

Thanksgiving LOVE and Something Personal!

Hey there friends... EEK! It's been a while since I've been here.  I think you can all understand being too busy to .. oh you know.. eat, breathe, blog.... But I'M HERE and excited to share some fun stuff with you! :) 

I'm linking up with some AMAZING bloggers to share all about one of my FAVORITE times of the year -- THANKSGIVING! Go check them out here and here.  I. puffy heart love. Thanksgiving.  It's one of the few times a year that my whole family can come together and just celebrate each other. It also has some of the most WONDERFUL food of the year!  I always joke that Thanksgiving is my favorite food group.  But seriously, yum.  In honor of all things Thanksgiving... I created this set of Thanksgiving themed centers!  Click the picture to check it out at my TPT store! :) 

I love these centers and CAN'T WAIT to use them with my class. PLUS, the graphics totally make me hungry! 

If you don't mind.. I'd love to share some personal news with you guys!  We just had our *short* fall break. I'm seriously jealous of those of you who are on balanced calendar and got two weeks!  But I spent my four day weekend buying my very first home! :) I'm super excited about it.  We've been busy moving furniture buying way too much great stuff, and painting!!  It's been fun making this house a home and I'm OVERJOYED that the whole process went well.  Also, my dogs stinkin' LOVE it.  And I love them! 

View From the Front. 

The Kitchen.. we just painted some of these walls an AMAZING yellowy-brown color.  I, unfortunately, cannot post that picture because there's so much moving trash stacked up on the island haha... we also have a nice shiny new refrigerator in that hole! 

One side of our living room! 

Brody relaxing in his new home!

Okay, thanks so much for letting me share this excitement with you! :) Praying for all of you on the East Coast! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

More Place Value, CURRENTLY, and .. eek.. lice.

Hey friends!! I'm so excited to be here in OCTOBER linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for a Currently! Can you BELIEVE it's October?  Our report cards are due soon! in-sane. Here's what I'm up to on this nice fall evening...

So what else has been up, you ask?  WELL! On Monday, I found out that one of my sweet girls has lice.  She didn't come to school all week but the paranoia has commenced.  Of course at the mere MENTION of lice my head started itching.  Every time I see one of my kids scratch, I cringe! Anyway.. at our school the nurse isn't permitted to do lice checks of whole classes.  Apparently it's a "dignity" thing.. which is bologna.. because anyone can get lice.  So I'm relying on parents to check their kids and make sure.. if they have lice.. to not be sent back without a treatment.  Great.  I've had the heeby jeebies all. stinkin'. week.  And if that wasn't enough, I had two kids go home sick yesterday! SICK.  All. over. the. table. 

On a HAPPY note.  We had our post-assessment on place value the other day and my kiddos ROCKED IT!  I truly, truly, truly believe that hanging these place value posters in my room helped majorly!  Click the images to check them out in my store .. in chevrons or polka dots! :)