Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Quick Little [I've been so productive] Giveaway

Oh Spring Break... I LOVE YOU!!!!!  Though I admit I haven't left my couch all that much, I've been SO productive from this cushy little spot.  My favorite little project has been updating one of my best sellers and favorite products.  It's so funny how trends change and how a product I made in 2012 was starting to make me cringe.  I had TOO much fun updating the clipart and fonts.  And once I got started, I couldn't stop... I added TONS of activities to this pack to make it work even better in your (and my!) classrooms! So, with no further ado, I bring to you -- My new and fresh Short Vowels CVC bundle!


This bundle is JAM PACKED with CVC activities for each of the 5 vowels.
Here's what you get for each Vowel!
I'd like to give two of these away... SUPER EASY to enter.  All you have to do is pin the Freebie associated with this bundle.  My SHORT I pack that is included in this bundle is a forever freebie.  Pin it and leave me the link to your pin to enter!  Also include your email (for if you are the lucky winner!) Click the image below to get the link and start pinning! :) I will choose 2 winners on Thursday!