Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sight Word Stations for ANY WORDS and a freebie to try!

So, in my classroom, Stations are a big favorite.  I love them because my kids love them.  There is no time in our day where they are more engaged and just seriously engrossed in learning.  I try very hard to make stations as hands-on and exciting as possible because my littles really value that time.  If it feels like they are playing -- they are ALL ABOUT IT!  

But, let's be honest, stations can be really REALLY tedious to plan.  In my room, we do 10 stations a week... two rotations a day!  Some of them don't require planning -- like reading in our book nook, but for the most part... I spend a nice chunk of time planning stations.  Last year, I was constantly looking for sight word stations that would be fun and engaging for my kids -- but I found that most pre-created activities were for specific words... ones that we may or may not have learned yet.   So I set out to make life EASIER.

Introducing... Sight Word Station Fun. 

A set of 12, hands-on, FUN stations that can be used with ANY words.  Yes... ANY words.  Check out some of the activities below.  For the most part, they are no-prep.  All you need is the visual task card, the recording sheet, and perhaps a set of supplies that you already have in your room (letter tiles/cards, dry erase markers, magnetic letters, etc.)

You could approach these a number of ways.  You could print off a list of words that your kiddos are working on that week.  You could write some focus words on index cards.  Or, my personal favorite, you can just give them the activity and let them use your ever-expanding word wall.  As you are adding words to the wall, they are are working with them in their activities.  Because new words are constantly being added, you can use these 12 stations ALL YEAR LONG.  If you use just 1 of these sight word stations a week, it will take 3 months to get through them.  By then, your kids will be excited for them to come back around. 

Here's an activity to try for free.  This one is a *bonus*. It is not included in the pack and it doesn't require a recording sheet. Click the image below to pick it up!

 Excitement = Engagement = Learning = Happy Teacher!

Oh and by the way... I'm giving away 1 copy of my Sight Word Fun pack.  Be sure to enter the AWESOME giveaway happening over at Kindergarten Squared!

Oh, Hey!  First and Second Grade Teachers ... Don't feel left out.  I have a couple sets with a similar theme (use with any words... sight words, spelling list, etc.!) for you, too! Check them out below. 

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Word-Work-Choice-285007    http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Word-Work-Spelling-Choice-2-Use-with-ANY-words-600170

And when you're leaving school with the buses on Friday afternoons because you didn't need an extra hour to plan and gather station materials... well, you're welcome ;) 

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