Saturday, July 26, 2014

Helping Hearts Fundraising Bundle for CHD

I blogged a bit about my journey into mommy-hood.  I shared that my daughter's entrance into the world would not be easy.  You can read more about our journey here. Meet my little warrior. 

 I'm here asking for your help, for your support, and for your love.  My husband and I have been tirelessly attempting to raise money -- not only to support our upcoming hospital stays, but more importantly, to donate to Congenital Heart research.  There are COUNTLESS kids born each year with some form of CHD, and WE can help! 

When I set out to create these fundraising bundles, I had no idea what they'd turn into.  Seriously... some AMAZING bloggers and sellers have donated items toward this cause.  I'm FOREVER grateful to them!  I've bundled these items together into three separate bundles... Two for Kindergarten and one for 1st/2nd grade.  Prepare to be amazed you guys! 

These beautiful Kindergarten bloggers have donated some of their BEST units to help you out this school year!  

Click this link or either of the Kinder Bundle 1 images to get a closer look on TPT!
This Bundle is a $65 value that you can pick up for just $12!! That's an 82% savings and you pay less than $1 per resource. 

 Here's another awesome bundle for you Kindergarten teachers!
This Bundle is a $72 value that you can pick up for just $12!! That's a $60 and you only pay $1 per resource.

For my first and second grade friends, find your bundle below!
Click the image or this link to get a better look on TPT! 

 These beautiful bloggers have donated some of their BEST units to help you out this school year! 

Everything below is included in the 1/2 bundle.  It all adds up to be a $117 value that YOU can get for nearly 83% off.  Just $20 for all of this.  1 in 100 children is born with a CHD.  1 in 4,344 is born with HLHS.  These families need your help.  My family needs your help. 

Thank you so much for considering purchasing a bundle and even sharing this post with teachers you know.  The bundles will run for 2 weeks, ending August 10.  CHD research is grossly underfunded and every little bit counts.  You can play a part in helping so many children and their families as they navigate through the murky waters of this scary world.  My family has been so touched by the kindness of others as we received our diagnosis and prepared our home and our hearts to raise a very special baby.  We love her so much already. 


  1. Samantha I am honored to be a part of your fundraising event and wish you the best of luck as you welcome your new baby girl into the world. I have shared this on my FB and blog and hope it is incredibly successful for you and your family. Your story is heart wrenching and you have incredible strength!

  2. I will contribute to one of these packs because it is a worthy cause. Both my daughter and I were affected by CHD. Would you possibly consider creating a pack for the 3rd-4th or 5th grades? I would love that, if you could? Thanks!

    1. Hi!!! The reason I have only K-2 bundles is because I teach K and I taught 2nd last year, so I've had the chance to collaborate with lots of teachers at these grade levels. Unfortunately, I don't know enough people in 3-5 to create a bundle for those levels. But please don't purchase a pack you won't use!! My husband designed a t-shirt for CHD awareness! If you'd like to support the cause, perhaps you can check out the shirts! Here's the link:

      Thanks so much for your kindenss! I hope you and your daughter are well!

  3. Sam,
    My cousin has a Facebook page dedicated to her daughter's story as a CHD warrior. On her personal page, she also promotes and discusses awareness and the things she has done. I have both K bundles in my cart. :) I hope all turns out well with your little one.


    1. Emmalynn Ruth's Story-TA and/or Michelle Czak Studzinski

    2. Thanks for sharing! Checking the page out now! These babies sure are fighters! I will be thinking of your cousin and her sweet Emmalynn! :)

  4. Honored to support your family through the purchase of the kindergarten units and through prayer 💗

  5. You have a beautiful baby! I will give a shout out on my FB, Twitter and Google+. I can't wait to hear an update on your sweet little one!

    Best wishes!
    Jen :)

  6. Sending prayers your way today. Thinking of you and your new family.

  7. I hope you raise everything you need, I am sending you the best wishes.
    Just trying to be helpful, Tony Charalambides has a great fundraising blog, some of his articles might be able to help you out and help you raise the money you need!