Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Partners of 10 Fun!

Friends... so sorry for my looooooooooooooong absence.  I do have an excuse, but I won't waste precious blogging time with it!  I'm back for a quick post on Partners of 10! 
Indiana has been hit pretty hard this Winter, so we've been super busy trying to squeeze in as much as we can with limited time!  Our math focus this week was narrowed to focus primarily on Bonds/Partners of 10!
First off, If you haven't introduced your kiddos to the Partners of 10 Rainbow... what are you waiting for?!??  This is SUCH an awesome visual reminder of all the different ways to make 10!
I forgot to take a picture of my chart, but we made one very similar to Teri's from A Cupcake for the Teacher.  Then we used her adorable freebie to reinforce the skill the next day!  Click the freebie below to head over to her blog and pick it up!
http://acupcakefortheteacher.blogspot.com/2013/01/rainbow-to-10-freebie.html      http://acupcakefortheteacher.blogspot.com/2013/01/rainbow-to-10-freebie.html
The next day, we got busy using a Ten Frame to show our Partner's of 10.  Not sure who had the original idea to make a GIANT ten frame for the kids to stand in... but THANK YOU (if it was your idea, please claim it so I can link to you!)  The kids LOVED this activity and it was such an engaging way for them to reinforce this skill! 
I made a ten frame out of masking tape on the floor (sorry, nothing fancy) and called a few kids up by name to come stand in the 10 frame. 

We discussed how many spaces were filled, then we counted how many spaces were empty.
Then, I matched their tens frame up on a teaching chart.  I just drew a large ten frame and used post-it notes to fill in the boxes.  I did this so that when the kids sat back down to record their answers, they would still have a visual of the ten frame.
Students used the visual to shade in a ten frame and write the Partner of 10 equation that matched.  I got this recording sheet from the fabulous Printable Princess.  It is part of her free winter pack and worked amazingly with this activity. Head to her store to pick up the freebie and be sure to Go Follow Her on Facebook!
So there you have it! It's nice to be back in blogging world.  I hope to be back soon! :)

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