Monday, November 4, 2013

Comparing Numbers {Freebie}

Whew! Sorry for the blogging hiatus.  Just came off a two week fall break (sorry for those who get NO fall break at all!) and last week was a whirlwind trying to get back into to swing of things!!  I thought I'd drop in to share what we're working on in math.  It's all about comparing numbers this week.
Everything you see here can be found in my new Comparing Numbers Pack! Click the image below to check it out.

I introduced comparing numbers with a number line... I forgot to take a picture but it looked kind of like this.
I drew circles above the numbers to give the kids a visual reminder that the numbers get bigger and bigger as we move to the right.
I then placed post-its beneath two random numbers and asked students to compare them using math terms like "more" and "less"
In this example students would say either 3 is less than 8 or 8 is more than 3.
I'm going to continue working with numberlines and add in the hundred chart!  I will also introduce the math terms greater than, less than, and equal to!
Now for the fun stuff!  The kids are LOVING these two stations.
[Kiddos choose two dragonfly cards and use clothespins to clip them on the numberline.  Then they practice their math sentence: 5 is less than 9 or 9 is more than 5]
[In this partner game, both players choose a pirate number card.  They compare their numbers and the student with the greater number takes a piece of "treasure" for his/her treasure box. LOVE!]
We'll be using these [and more!] no-prep printables for independent practice and morning work.
And next week, I will introduce the kids to the >, <, and = symbols.  I know many teachers view this as a first grade skill but I don't see any harm in introducing my kids to the concept now!  Plus it's great enrichment for those kids who need a bit of a challenge.
If you stuck around til the end, here's a little freebie for you! It's no-prep printable from this pack! Click to download your own copy.