Saturday, September 28, 2013


Do any of you kinder teachers do person of the day/star student?  Well in MY class, it's SUPER student.   I love it so much... let me count the ways.
1) Community Building
2) Speaking/Listening Practice
3) Practice Writing Names
4) Practicing Letters
5) Counting Letters
6) Practice Drawing Good Pictures
7) Responsibility
8) Esteem Building
9) I could go on and on and on!!!
So here is how Student of the Day works in my room! I apologize in advance... this is going to be very WORDY!

I make it clear early on that students CAN'T be super student until they can SPELL their name and WRITE their name!  That gives them a little kick to learn their name! Another perk is that the student of the day ALSO becomes my helper of the day AND my line leader of the day!

Annnndddd they get the Super Student Hat! Just glue this bad boy onto a sentence strip and you're ready to go!
I try to choose my students based on the letters we are learning/have already learned.

My student of the day writes their name on the dry erase board.  Then they lead us in a chant...
**Give me a K! (K!)
**Give me an A! (A!)
**Give me a M! (M!)
**Give me an I! (I!)
**Give me a Y! (Y!)
**Give me an A! (A!)
**What's that spell?  (Kamiya!)

Oh. My. Gosh. Y'all .... The kids LOVE this! Put a pom pom in their hand and they are happy as clams!
After that, the Super Student leads us in counting the letters in their name! Meanwhile... I'm passing out name cards to ALL of my students.  The kids will count their own letters and if they have the same number of letters as the Super Student, they hold up their name!  They will spell it to the class and we will count their letters to verify!
Next up... *Do you have my letter?*
Our Super Student goes through his/her name one letter at a time to see if others have their letter.
In the Kamiya example it would look like this...
*If you have a K in your name come show me...*
(At this point, all students with a K in their name will come show Kamiya their K... They have to POINT to it, and Kamiya will collect their name)
*If you have an A in your name come show me...*
etc. etc.
Next up, I write the letters of the Super Student's name on post-its and scramble them on a pocket chart (or I stick them to the easel)  Super Student will unscramble their name and choose two of their friends to unscramble it as well. 
Last but not least, their favorite part.  The Hot Seat
The Super Student sits on The Hot Seat (My rolly chair by the easel) and I... in  my best News Reporter voice ... with a marker "microphone" ask them questions...
*What's your name?  (I ask them to spell it for me)
*How old are you?
*What's your favorite thing to eat?
*What's your favorite thing to do?
*Favorite Color?

Then, we discuss what they look like.  Hair color, eye color, skin color, clothes they're wearing, etc.  Because next... the kids are going to draw our Super Student!  They must include one of our Super Student's *Favorites* (food or activity from the interview) and their picture MUST be accurate!  We spend a lot of time discussing how to draw a good picture (Arms come out of body, legs are made of sticks, hands have 5 fingers, skin isn't purple, etc.)
While students are drawing, I go around and cut up the Super Students name in front of each child.  When their picture is complete, they will unscramble the Super Student's name and glue it on their drawing. 
We then compile all the drawings into a book and I send it home with the Super Student. I also put the interview sheet right behind the cover. It's something they can keep forever and they are so *GIDDY* over this!!
Again, I'm sorry it's so wordy, but I wanted to be very detailed so... if you choose... you can highlight your own students this way!  We have gotten in a LOT of letter/phonics/counting practice throughout this process -- but most importantly, it has been an amazing community builder in our classroom!

Click the image below to pick up a Super Student freebie to get started! :)


  1. How adorable, fun, and a great way for them to learn each others names!

  2. Love all of these ideas! I was going to start my Star Student of the Day tomorrow, but now I am going to make it Super Student! Thanks!

    Sommer Pride