Sunday, September 15, 2013

Random Sunday Funday Picture Dump

Friends - I had the desire to blog, but didn't know what to share, so I decided on RANDOM!  Here's a picture dump from the past week.  Check out what we've been doing -- hopefully you can borrow some ideas for your own classroom!
My kids LOVE any opportunity to get up and MOVE!  Today we "mingled" around the room looking for our capital/lowercase letter matches! When they found their partner, they linked arms and stood on that letter on our carpet.
 We made some Letter C Caterpillars this week.  I can't claim this cute little craft, but also can't find the original source. Please let me know if it is you!
 We worked on Bonds of 5 this week and used these adorable ladybug mats from Teaching in Progress. We used two sided coins, shook them, spilled them, separated them, then practiced reading and writing math sentences for them!
 During stations, I always try to include some fine motor practice!  We used clothespins to go "fishing" for letters.  They fished out each letter and sorted them into piles of letters they knew and letters they didn't know.
 My kids LOVE using "special tools" to help them read.  We used these Witchy Fingers at our Big Book Station this week so students could point to popcorn words or letters that they knew.  This helps kiddos practice tracking as well!
 I found some adorable Wiggle Eye Rings from Michaels (They were on an end cap).  I can't find a picture online ANYWHERE of these actual rings, but they look a little like this:
We are going to use them in our Big Book Station this week! :)
Thanks for sticking with me through the random.  Hope you found something useful! :)

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