Sunday, August 11, 2013

10 things I learned in my first week of Kindergarten!

Last week was exhausting. PEOPLE... Kindergarten is NO JOKE!  Therefore I bring to you 10 things I learned in my first week as a Kindergarten teacher.
1. 15 minutes is a REALLY long time.
2. Tiny toilets = more pee on the floor/walls/anywhere but in the toilet bowl.
3. 29 itty bitty people take up a lot of space -- no matter how little they are!
4. Goldfish crackers make great snacks and BIG messes!
5. These babies have got MOVES!  If you want to see your Kinders get up and moving, play this song for them! Even your shy kids will get a little head bob going.

6. Lunch is not a necessary meal for adults.  Good thing, too... since there's no time for eating!
7. Criss Cross Applesauce is a skill that takes great practice and patience.
8.  Five year olds are still working on Volume Control.  At this point in their lives, they have two settings -- barely audible and crazy loud.
9. Vitamin C is your friend.
10. Kindergarten classrooms are the most magical, inspiring, and wonderful places on Earth!


  1. Hehe! I love your list! Welcome to the world of little people

  2. Thanks for the laugh! I'm sure my list will be quite similar when school starts next week!

    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  3. Love your list! It's all true, and you know the upper el teachers will never believe it! :) Em

  4. I was wondering how your first week went-- I'm glad you posted this! Its always a wake up call when we go back to school-- I always forget how little they are and how they can't do ANYTHING! haha!
    Mrs. Jones’s Kindergarten