Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sneak Peek at my NEW Room!!!!!!!!!! (oh, and a freebie)

Hey friends! In case you missed it,  I recently blogged about my new job this year... Teaching Kindergarten in my dream township. You can read that post here! I am so, so excited! Yesterday I got in to see my room and do some rearranging.  What I discovered was a MASSIVELY GIGANTIC ROOM! It is easily double the size of my Second Grade classroom from last year. At first, I thought -- What on Earth am I going to do with all of this space?  Then, I realized, I had about a Thousand shelves to fill the space with that I - GASP - was not allowed to get rid of.
You see - I like simplicity.  I can't stand clutter or for things to feel too crowded.  So when I learned I would have to keep all of the furniture, I had a miiiiinor panic attack.  I had to get creative.  Here's some sneak peek pictures of my room for this year.  All I have done is move furniture around to how I want it.  I have not decorated anything, and all of the STUFF you see is left from the last teacher.  Y'all..... SO much STUFF.  I've got my hands full for sure.
This is the front of my room and whole group area.  I'm LOVING this giant carpet!!!
This is the Back of the room and student seating .. plus... SHELVES. As someone who had ONE cabinet and ONE shelf last year ... all of this storage space is overwhelming!
This picture is from standing in the doorway.  You can see my teacher area, surrounded by shelves. haha.  See all that stuff IN the shelves?  It was all left behind!  Also, each of the desk drawers is filled to the brim. Busy month of July ahead!
This is an adorable little reading nook, which I'm in LOVE with! I surrounded it with bookshelves to make a nice little library space.  Of course, right now, the book nook is filled with stuff. Are you seeing a pattern here?
Lastly, this is the view from the middle of the room! You  can see my writing center on the far left, guided reading, then the library!
Phew! I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into my classroom.  I'm really thrilled to get to work.  I live for organizing and "pretty-ing" stuff up!
By the way -- have you followed me on Bloglovin' yet?  No pressure, but this is kiiiiinda a big deal now! Google Reader goes away TOMORROW!!!
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  1. oh my gosh, I am so jealous of your space, your storage, and that precious little nook!! How exciting for you! I'm certain you will have a fab year teaching in this amazing classroom!! Can't wait to see the finished product;)

  2. Love all the storage. Lucky you

  3. That is a HUGE room! I love your nook! It will be fun to follow you this year.
    Polka Dot Kinders

  4. So much space!! I'm jealous!! Why didn't the previous teacher take the stuff? Is it stuff you can use??

    1. Hi, Emily! I'm not sure why the previous teacher left so much! A lot of it is stuff I can use, but I will definitely have to weed through to see what's good and what needs boxed and packed away somewhere!

  5. OH MY WORD! That room is huge! I went to see my (first!) room while the other teacher was packing up her stuff. She was AH-mazing about making sure all the materials she needed to leave were organized by subject. What a saint! :) I can't wait to see your room decorated!!

    Looney for Third

  6. Fantastic new room! So big:) Thanks for the fun freebie.

  7. SWEEET!!!!!! I look forward to seeing you work your magic in your new classroom :)

  8. It's looking great!! I love kindergarten and I know you will too!
    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  9. SO much fun!!! Can't wait to see what you do!