Sunday, September 9, 2012

FREEBIE LINKY?? Should those two AWESOME words even be allowed together?!

I'm linking up with Cynthia from 2nd grade pad to share my favorite freebie! What a fun Linky! Interested in linking up?  Head on over to Cynthia's blog below! 

My favorite freebie ... hmm... It took me a while to decide what I wanted to share on my blog today, because my favorite freebie is one that has already been downloaded tons of times.  BUT just in case you haven't come across it, I will share it now! :) Click the picture to download it from my TPT store.. for.. DUH.. FREEEEEEEE! :) 

Why is it my favorite you ask? 
Because it has been my saving grace in staying organized for Readers Workshop and Guided Readed.  I'm a first year teacher so I've been trying to really stay on the ball with organization.  I may not be able to control everything in my classroom -- but I can sure have a system for Data! :)

And the story behind it?
Well I pretty much touched on that with the why it's my favorite portion of this awesome linky!  I spent a week or so trying to design a system that would be perfect for me to keep track of my every changing guided reading groups... conference notes.. and teaching points.  I wanted to keep all of this data in one place and so was born the data binder.  Then I pondered REALLLLYYYYY deeply about the cover.  Of course it would need the cute factor, and what's cuter than polka dots?!??? 

Just how do you use this amazing freebie?
Oh please, you're making me blush! ;) It's simple. Slide the cover into a binder you already have.. choose the correct size of binder spine labels and organize the data pages however you please.  You will have a space to track all data for Reading/Writing Conferences and Guided Reading Groups.  There are also forms for tracking reading levels.  I keep the Reading Levels and Weekly Teaching Points sheets in the front since they are for the whole class.  Then I have a section for Guided Reading -- Separated into my five groups.  Then I have a pocket tab for EACH student in my class.  In the pocket I will keep assessments and running records, then behind the tab I keep their Reading/Writing Conference Notes.  TA-DA... Organization! :) 

I hope you can find some use for this freebie! If you aren't in need of a data binder, but you are SO LOVING the polka dots.. you can download a BLANK Polka Dot Binder Cover at my TPT store!

Be sure to go check out Cynthia's Blog for MORE FABULOUS FREEBIES! :) 


  1. Thanks so much for linking up and for the cute freebie. I had somehow missed this! lol

    2nd Grade Pad

  2. I found your blog through the freebie linky party, I'm your newest follower! Thanks for the freebie!

  3. Awesome! I actually wasn't one of the almost 25,000 downloads so I am SUPER happy you posted this!


  4. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, which led me to your blog!! Thanks for the freebie as well!!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  5. Hi Sam!! I've been following you for months on TpT, I didn't realize you had a blog either!! It's great to finally 'meet' you...or at least learn a little about you...hehe! :)

    p.s. I'm a (fairly) new wife as well...and I'm more than a little obsessed with teenage shows as well. Too funny! ;-)

  6. WOW!!! With your determination, I'm sure you will have a great 1st year! SMILES and stop by anytime!