Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dot Day and a Giveaway!

Hello bloggy friends! I hope you're all having an AMAZING Sunday!  I just got back from a nice little date day with my hubby.  We went to a local Irish Fest and then we hit up the zoo! It's gorgeous weather here in Indy so we just couldn't pass it up! 

Who doesn't love giraffes?  Check out the little guy! :) 

So school is going well.. we are a full month in and I'm finally starting to feel like we're getting in the swing of things.  As you know -- I struggled with my emotions and frustration during my first few weeks of teaching.  I got to the point -- that I'm sure many, if not all of you reached during your first year -- where I wasn't sure if I was cut out for this.  I'm feeling relieved, now.  Things are starting to come together, I'm getting to know my kiddos better, and everything is beginning to feel just a little more natural :) I'm excited for what the future holds. 

This past week.. on Friday.. My school celebrated International Dot Day.  Did anyone else do this?  It was super fun.  Basically the premise is that people all over the world read the same book... Peter H. Reynold's The Dot on September 15 and celebrated our creativity and ability to "make our mark". Click the picture below for some more information on the annual event. 

book cover of the story the dot, consisting of an illustration of a girl painting a giant orange dot, with the text the dot wirtten in the middle.  author name peter h reynolds is written along the outside lower right edge of the dot.

Check out some of this adorable dot art made my by second graders! 

And of course I had to make my mark, too! :) 

International Dot Day is every September 15th, so we celebrated on Friday the 14th.  Check it out for next year! It was a really neat opportunity to talk about where we are in the world and how thousands of people from thousands of miles away would be reading the same book and making their very own marks on the world with us! :) 

Last but certainly not least, I just HAD to tell you about this seriously AMAZING giveaway that Jenna over at Diving Into Learning is throwing.  Don't even pretend that you aren't LOVING this awesome beginning of Fall weather.. why don't you celebrate with this Fall Themed Giveaway. 

Head on over for the chance to win a TON of great fall products.  Seriously, there are SO many chances to win.  I was happy to offer one of my products -- Halloween Math and Literacy. Here's a preview of some of the activities included -- I can't WAIT to use them this year!  Click HERE to Check it out at my store for more information! 



  1. I love the dot art created by your students! I'd love for you to stop by my blog and link up to my linky party called Fun Friday. It is a place to share the fun things that we do in our classrooms!

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