Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Fever (lots of freebies!)

I hope the weather has been as lovely in your neck of the woods as it has in mine!  The sunshine is definitely working to chase away my winter blues!  Wanted to share a few resources and freebies for Spring! 

I just whipped up this Scrambled Sentence station.  My kids LOVE Scrambled Sentences because they play like a game, but they are PACKED with K-1 skills.  When they are themed, they hit on content.  Then there's capitalization, punctuation, fluency, comprehension, decoding, sight words.... all rolled into one easy prep activity! YES, PLEASE! 

You can grab the spring set for free! 

If your kids love Scrambled Sentences as much as mine, you might check out the bundle! 

We usually cover Weather in March or April.  I combine weather with seasons and clouds!  Kids do lots of observing and they love being able to apply their learning to the world outside those classroom walls.  I haven't snapped any pictures yet, but here are the many activities in our weather unit

There are tons of awesome songs and videos to use with your weather unit.  You can grab a FREE list with youtube links by clicking the image below! 

Easter is right around the corner.  It is so early this year, which makes March a really packed month.  I know we have all discovered the joy of the cheap plastic Easter eggs and the magic powers they have to make kids extra engaged in the same stuff we've been doing all year ;)  If you need some recording sheets to go along with your Easter Egg activities you can grab this freebie! 


These are the activities the recording sheets go with: 


I also whipped up some Free Literacy Activities for your Easter Celebrations. 

And once Easter and Spring Break have come along, it won't be long before Earth Day!  I really think it's important for kids to learn how to take care of things.  Especially in Kinder and First, we are constantly trying to help them understand the importance of taking care of our classroom... that translates out into the world as well!  Here are some activities we do for Earth Day (week)! 

You can grab them here

Alright! Sorry for the choppiness today! So much to do in Spring and so little time! ;)  And that doesn't even include plants and insects! Phew! 

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