Sunday, January 18, 2015

Silent/Sneaky/Super/Magic E [freebie]

Whatever you call it...sneaky e, super e, magic e....Silent E (in all its forms) is the man!  I love teaching Silent E and my kids love seeking it out in words.  We take the *magic e* approach and the kinders love it.  I find that when a magic wand is involved, kids are engaged.  Magic E has one job... to make the other vowel say its name.  He's so busy doing that, he doesn't even bother to make a sound himself.  There are several awesome songs and videos for Magic E.  I have sorted through youtube and pulled out my favorites to share with you! 

I would also love to share some activities we will be doing with Magic E during centers and small group time. 

When introducing the magic e rule with each of the vowels, we'll use these Whole Class Flipcharts! The students will read the word without the silent e, then we'll say our spell "Alakazam, Alakazee, Look what happens with Magic E!" One of the kids will use the magic E wand to make the new word!

Magic E Write and Wipes!  I laminate these Magic E cards and give the kids Dry Erase materials for some Write and Wipe practice!

Magic E Puzzles.  My kids absolutely love puzzles.  When they put the picture together, it spells the Magic e word!  

LOVE these flipbooks!  They really show how Magic E changes words! 

All of these activities came from my Silent E pack!  I have them listed in my store individually by vowel, but you can save $4.00 by picking up the bundle! Click the image below. 

 I put together a little freebie for you to use when teaching silent e in your classroom!  The kids look at the rule in the middle, then clip all the pictures that follow the rule!  Then they flip the card over to check their answers! (Teacher: you will have to put smiles/frowns or stars on the back to indicate the correct/incorrect answers) Click either of the images below to pick up your freebie! 

This Clip and Flip freebie comes from my new Clip and Flip bundle that I'm in LOVE with.  I can't say it enough... kids LOVE things that are tactile.  My kiddos go nuts over clothespins.  I wanted to make something that had multiple answers AND non-answers for some serious thinking.  I made up a bunch of clip and flip activities and bundled them together... Click the image below to check out the bundle for huge savings!

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