Monday, September 15, 2014

Transportation Math and Literacy FUN!

We're prepping for our Transportation Themed week in Kinder!  I'd love to show you some books and videos for a Transportation theme as well as some engaging stations and activities all designed around transportation!

Here are some great Transportation Read Alouds! 

Donald Crews has a whole line of simple transportation books like this one!

A classic.  The kids will love chanting "I think I can I think I can"

 This repetitive text is perfect for kinder kiddos! Read aloud then put it in a station for the kids to read with partners.  They LOVE it!

 This is a board book but who doesn't love Mo Willems and this little pigeon?!?

A fun book of sounds and lots of different kinds of transportation!

Love a good transportation video for a brain break! 

Check out some of the fun stations and activities we'll be completing around the Transportation Theme!  

We talk about how transportation has changed over time.  I show kids pictures of different modes of transportation when they were very first invented, and we compare them to the same transportation now. They LOVE to see all the old ones! 

We talk about how we use different kinds of transportation to travel by air, land, and sea.  After discussion, we sort them out and then decide what we would use to travel to different places.

We also complete transportation themed math and literacy centers!

I-Spy!  Kids use magnifying glasses to search for hidden CVC pictures! They record the words. 

 Write the room!  Students search for words hidden around the room and record them under the correct word family. 
 Choo Choo Beginning sounds!  Students look at the picture on the engine of the train and recording the missing beginning sound. 
 Ship Shape Spin.  Students use a pencil and paper cip to spin a shape.  They trace and color the shape on their recording sheet and keep going until one of the shapes reaches the top. 
 Deep Blue Counting.  Students choose a submarine card and count or use a number line to fill in the missing number (0-20)
 Counting/Skip Counting puzzles.  The kids LOVE putting the numbers in order to create some kind of transportation with these puzzles! 

And we have a themed poem for the week. We read and discuss the poem whole group and they also practice reading and complete a recording sheet during stations.

You can grab all of these activities and more in my store! :)
Click any of the images below!


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