Saturday, August 11, 2012


I'm so excited for two events that are officially upon us. 

1) The TpT Back to School Sale.  I have my cart loaded up with some amazing products to last me the whole year.  I'm so excited to SHOP!!! These sales only come around once in a while so I try to take full advantage! :) My whole store will be 20% off and with TPT's Coupon Code, you can save 28% off all my products!  Be sure to check out a lot of stores before you make your purchases -- there are SO many great products on TpT from new and old sellers alike! *COUPON CODE = BTS12*

2) My first day of teaching!!! I had new teacher orientation all last week and Meet the Teacher night on Thursday.  Both of which were AWESOME -- but oh my goodness am I feeling these early mornings!!! It's going to take my body a while to adjust.  Anyway... Monday will be my first day teaching my very own class of second graders.  I'm so excited I got to meet 21 out of 27 of them on Thursday.  I'm nervous but THRILLED to be able to spend a few days getting to know my kiddos! On my first day read-aloud roster: First Day Jitters and Wemberly Worried.  We will also be doing some awesome community building activities, coming up with some classroom rules, and OF COURSE --  Practicing Procedures! 

I'm EXHAUSTED.  Stayed up tonight to watch an awesome meteor shower.  So cool! I'm headed to bed so I can get up bright and early to SHOP!!!!!!!! 

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