Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mystery Egg - Easter Clue Solving FUN!

I saw a giant egg at Target and couldn't resist. I knew I had to have it but wasn't sure what I needed it for!  I saw some equally amazing giant eggs at Kroger if you're looking for one. After some thought, I landed on this idea for a little whole-class fun! 

SUPER easy, all you need to do is hide a whole group activity inside a large Easter egg (or an Easter basket if you can't find an egg).  Some ideas of what you can hide would be sidewalk chalk, paints, bubbles, gum, lollipops... whatever you think might be fun for your class!

Then, you will provide four clues for what is inside the egg!  Reveal each clue one at a time. After each clue, discuss predictions as a class. Talk about how your predictions changed as clues were added based on the new information.  For this freebie, I have provided clues for three different objects: sidewalk chalk, paints, and bubbles! If you'd like to hide something else in the egg, all you will need to do is come up with four clues that build upon each other. 

After the final clue, send students to their desks to draw and label their predictions of what is in the egg.

Then, the reveal! Open up the egg to reveal the Easter surprise! Talk about how it fit each of the clues given. Send the kids back to their seats to finish their recording sheets. Then, of course, the BEST PART! Whatever you've hidden in the egg, you can now enjoy together!

This activity works just as beautifully with a cute little Easter basket! 

And that's it! Be sure to grab this freebie to try with your kiddos! You can click here or click the image below to download. 

Have you grabbed this Easter Literacy Freebie yet?  It has a cute little emergent reader, a beginning blends sort, and a CVC "bunny belly spelling" station. 

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