Saturday, July 20, 2024

Nursery Rhymes and Colors - The perfect entry point to Kindergarten.

Kindergarten teachers - I applaud you. Every year at the beginning, I forget how little they come with! I forget the absolutely absurd amount they learn over the course of the year. Of course, knowing how far they go means that they start the year with very little understanding of letters, sounds, words, print concepts. 

If you're like me, you might be searching for engaging and exciting ways to introduce these beginning basic skills. You want your students to fall in love with learning while gaining the skills they'll need to be successful for the remainder of the year. Over the last several years, I have done just that with two beloved favorites: 
Nursery Rhymes and Colors. 

Why nursery rhymes? They are sing-songy and fun! Students typically come with some exposure to them already and that background knowledge will be a huge support. SO MANY SKILLS can be imbedded in your Nursery Rhyme practice, particularly print concepts like 1 to 1 correspondence and letter/word awareness. 

Why colors? Most kids already know them! They can tell you that apples are red and frogs are green. Their beginning knowledge of colors opens the doors to sprinkling in so much skill practice, like pairing the colors to words, sorting, tracing/writing, coloring, and so much more! 

If you're interested in using these two concepts as vehicles for your beginning of the year instruction, look no further. I've already done all the work for you and have several free resources to offer! 

NURSERY RHYMES - Sing to learn! 
Each of my nursery rhyme sets comes with the following activities:

*Print concept posters
*One-Page Reader with or without tracking dots
*Emergent Reader in Book Form
*Vocabulary Posters
*Sound/Word Study for Phonics and Phonemic Awareness
*Pocket Chart Sequencing Station with 2 Recording Sheets
*STEM Challenge
*Printables to practice alphabet, cutting, labeling, and numbers to 20
*1 Math Station
*1 Literacy Station

You can grab the Humpty Dumpty set HERE for FREE to try out with your kiddos! 

Or you can grab the bundle of 5 nursery rhymes HERE

Each of my color sets comes with the following:

*2 Color Posters
*Emergent Reader w/Simple High Frequency Words
*Color Sorting Pocket Activity 
*Poetry Center
*Torn Paper Craft
*Color Crown
*Fine Motor Activity
*5 no-prep printables for extra practice!

You can grab the RED set HERE for FREE to try out with your kiddos! 

Or grab the BUNDLE with 11 colors! 

These open ended craft pages are a blast! You can have kids use a variety of supplies - whatever you're working on that week - to fill them in! Bingo daubers, stickers, cut paper, paints, markers, you name it! The circle charts can either be a guided brainstorm activity OR a "write the room" where students search the room for items of that color. Click here or the image below to download. ENJOY!